Simple Survival Rules

Hi and welcome to Simple Survival! We are an English-only server, but we have a lot of the same rules as other SMP-esk servers. So, if you want to play on the server, you must agree to follow them! Finding loopholes in rules doesn’t make you smart or cool; it just makes the server less enjoyable for everyone else, and won’t get you outta trouble! Please visit our Discord anytime for more details or to open a support ticket!

#1 Respect All Players

Remember, you will be primarily using a public chat!

- Don’t be obnoxious or disrespectful to others

    - Spamming, use of bad/ inappropriate language, insulting/ harassing other players, trolling, etc. may result in being muted!
    - No, we really don’t know if you’re actually XYZ, please don’t use slurs/ words resembling slurs in any context!

- Don’t start and/or encourage controversial topics in global chat

    - Topics include: Discrimination/ negative comments based on race, skin-tone, looks, gender, beliefs, affiliations, etc.

- Don’t partake in/ threaten violence and/or hatred towards others

- Don’t speak about deeply negative topics

    - Examples: self-harm, suicide, murder, etc.; we are a MC server, NOT therapists!

- Don’t lie about and/or reveal personal info of other players in any way

- Impersonation of staff or any other player(s) will not be tolerated

    - Includes using Donator perks to display tags/ ranks you don’t have

#2 Respect All Builds

Remember, you share the world with hundreds of other players! Please be considerate of one another!

- Be aware of where you build and what you claim!

    - Give other players/ bases at least 50 blocks of space! Trolling/ purposely building/ claiming too close to existing builds will result in warnings! This includes building near/ claiming in public places like end portals or /warp shops!

- Don’t steal!

    - If it isn’t yours and you don’t have permission to take, break, and/or remake, don’t! This also means you can’t claim stuff that isn’t yours!

- Be sensible!

    - Don’t build or make anything inappropriate or offensive! Tearing down, building in without permission, landscape griefing, or interfering with someone else’s base are all prohibited! If you are unsure if it would be against the rules, please ask a Staff member!

#3 Play Fair

Players have the right to play in an environment that is fair and free of cheating and exploitation.
To provide a positive experience for all players, we disallow all hacks, glitches, cheats, macros, and other behaviours that are used to gain an unfair advantage.

- Clients allowed on Simple:

    - Vanilla
    - Optifine
    - Badlion
    - Forge

Anything that changes how you play the game and not on this list is considered a disallowed modification.

You will receive a warning and/or be banned if you are found to be using any other modifications.

If you set off the anti-cheat and are found to be using a client we will assume you are using illegal modifications.

All non-Vanilla or Optifine mods are used at your own risk.
You could still face a warning or ban if lag causes you to ping the anti-cheat whilst using another client.

Any bug or glitch on the server or within Minecraft that is used to gain an in-game advantage over other players is seen as unfair gameplay and is not allowed. This is to ensure that bugs that do arise are not used in an abusive manner to gain an unfair advantage.

Additional features considered to be unfair:

    - Abusing game mechanics to avoid server features, such as anti-AFK machines.
    - Using an alt to AFK for you.
    - Constructing machines or items with the intention to lag or otherwise disrupt other people's gameplay.

Additional feautures considered as lag endorsing machines

Anything on the server which is built and causes lag is regarded as a 'lag-machine.'
There is no defining factor and just because a contraption has another function other than causing lag (such as killing mobs) doesn't mean it is allowed.
Staff reserve the right to disable or remove anything built on the server which has been proven to disrupt others gameplay experience.

Ban evasion will result in an instant ipban and an extension to your current ban!

#4 Additional Rules

These rules don’t fall under the previous three sections, but still need to be followed! For any additional information or help, please check out our Discord!

About In-game money and items:
When partaking in the economy, you are not allowed to:

    - Lie about the value of something
      * This includes scamming and/or lying to other players on the value of items to sell for really high/ low prices

    - Exchange in-game items or virtual currency for real-world money
      * This violates Minecraft’s EULA, don’t do it!

    - Use any dishonest scheme(s) to scam/ steal money or items from another player

    - Stealing and reselling other players’ intellectual property without permission
      * This encompasses but is not limited to player-named items, maparts and banners. Please respect the time and effort others have put into creating these things!

About Player shop plots:
If you land yourself a shop plot in /warp shops, here are some guidelines!

    - You must use your shop plot to sell items to other players.
    - Letting other players use your shop to sell their own goods does not constitute you yourself using the plot.
    - Any shops attempting to scam players will be removed and the owner warned
    - Any unused plots or plots used as a 'flex' or 'troll' with no intention to sell goods will be removed. This Includes:​
      * Empty plots
      * Plots with less than 5 legitimate chests selling to players
      * Plots only used to buy items and not sell anything
      * Renting the majority of the space to other players and not selling anything yourself
      * Selling common items for high prices to avoid people buying and having to restock.
    - You cannot charge a player more than you pay in rent to have shops on your plot if sharing
    - Do not place beacons in or around the shopping district
    - Only 1 shop plot per player!
    - When selling a plot, you may not charge more than 4 weeks of that plot's rent