Land claiming

  Claim blocks do not transfer across different servers
  Claim blocks can be acquired through different methods mentioned below

  Here is a list of ways to acquire additional claim blocks:

  - Voting /voteall
  - Ranking up /rankup
  - Crates - Opening crates at /spawn can award you with additional claim blocks

Finding a suitable place to settle down and claim your first piece of land can be a challenging task! Use the /rtp command or simply jump in the Random Teleport Portal.

Keep at least 50 blocks distance from other bases. In order to check for existing nearby claims, simply craft a stick and right click on the ground as you walk around. If you are not sure whether your land of choice is ok to be claimed, don't hesitate to ask a member of staff to help you out!

Claiming your land is made easily with a golden shovel obtainable with the command /kit claim ! Simply right click 2 opposite corners to claim your land and protect it. Throughout your journey on the server you have various options of acquiring extra claim blocks. To check how many blocks you have left to claim and your claim coordinates use the command /claimlist

After claiming your land remember to set a home by typing /sethome [name] so you can return to your claim at any given time.